Friday, June 11, 2010

Part One of Albert Dawson's Discussion on Woodland Hills Safety

To Encrypt or Not to Encrypt – That is the Question

Here's a handy guide about how to send secure e-mails for those of you who have to communicate sensitive information, say, about the children on your caseloads.  It's a great tool. It's easy. And it works. Just remember the square brackets.

How to send “Secure Emails”

Here is the general rule:

Anytime that you are sending an e-mail via the internet to someone outside of the state GroupWise system, you should send it secure and encrypted.

Please remember that:

Electronic mail is not private; it is prohibited by State and DCS policy to send confidential material to an unauthorized recipient or send confidential email without the proper security standards being met.

The State and DCS do have an acceptable method for sending confidential email and it is through the use of placing  [Secure Email] in the subject line of the email.  This allows the body of your message and any attachments to be encrypted.  Be sure to include the square brackets.

How does this work?:
  • The email is routed to the Secure Web Delivery Server where a notification is created and sent to the recipient.
  • A confirmation email is sent to the sender informing her that the message was delivered securely.
  • The recipient goes to the site and retrieves her information.
Also remember:

Do not place any confidential information in the subject line because it will not be encrypted (so don’t put any social security numbers, dates of birth, etc in the subject line).

So who needs to do this?

We all need to use this approach [Secure Email] any time that we are communicating case specific information to someone outside of our GroupWise e-mail system.

Is it really that easy?  

Yep. Just put [Secure Email] in the subject line and it will work.  Be sure to put it in brackets just like it is printed here and the sensitive and confidential information that our Agency deals with will be protected.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Back On

The TFACTS management team has determined that sufficient progress has been made to schedule the start of the TFACTS pilot.  This most exciting time will also be a challenging time as we learn more about and gain experience with our new and different software application.
The TNKids application will be brought down at 6:00 PM on Thursday, June 3 to begin the data conversion.  The TNKids application will be available again by 7:00 AM on Monday, June 7.  The TFACTS pilot is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, June 9 at 7 AM.  

More information and instruction will be provided as we progress with the conversion process.
Thank you for your patience and enthusiastic attitude as TFACTS becomes a reality within DCS.