Thursday, September 2, 2010

Resource Parent Phone In update

 We want to clarify the payment process as TFACTS assumes payments for our resource parents.  Many of you have questions about this process and conflicting information is being delivered.   Please call us if you have further questions, 615-253-6906. 

Resource parent phone-in will occur between September 3rd and September 7th.  There are no changes in these dates or the process on those two days. You will phone in as you have in the past.

Resource parents do not phone in on September 21st or September 22nd.  During these September dates, RPS workers will work with regional fiscal Directors to assure payments for special or extraordinary rates are entered into TFACTS accurately; all regular rates will be automatically completed within TFACTS.  New phone-in calendars will be posted on the web site. Please refer to the calendars as future dates have been changed. 

The first TFACTS phone in time period will be October 6, and 7.  The letter being sent to all DCS resource parents will outline this process specifically.  The changes that will occur are the children ID’s and the phone numbers for phone in.

Central Office has developed a letter for all resource parents that will have each child’s ID number and an explanation of the process. 

  • These letters will be delivered to each region and it will be the region’s responsibility to get these letters to resource parents.  
  • It is expected that each region will have a point person to coordinate and document the delivery of the letters. Regional RPS will be the point of contact if a resource parent has any question.  Any letters that are not deliverable will be returned to the regional/local office, RPS will be expected to correct the address or hand deliver the letters during their monthly resource home visit.  These letters MUST be received by the resource parents no later than 9/15/2010.
  • Any address updates need to be entered into TFACTS by the RPS unit.
  • Regions should include this information in their regional newsletters.  
  • Post this information on your DCS regional Facebook page.
  • This information will be added to the TFACA website and the DCS website by Central office staff.

 John Johnson, Beth Kasch and Odessa Krech